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The SteriLED AC-30 unit is the leader in LED UVC technology, delivering a maximum of 17mW/cm^2 to a surface at one inch distance. For the ultimate in speed and power when chemical disinfectants won’t do, the SteriLED AC-30 will help keep your clients, your loved ones, and you safe from harmful pathogens.

Utilizing the same technology of the SteriLED AC-30 unit, the SteriLED DC-15 Cordless UVGI device provides cordless freedom for use decontaminating tight spaces or when on-the-go. Featuring an internal battery powering six UVC LEDs to deliver 13.18 mW/cm^2 at one inch distance, the SteriLED DC-15 Cordless is ideal for personal use object and surface sterilization needs.


When you need the speed and power of our SteriLED AC-30 and the wireless simplicity of our SteriLED DC-15 Cordless, the IFORWAY battery pack will help maintain mobility without sacrificing power. This battery has been tested for 4 hours of continuous use on a single charge, and is small and light enough to fit in a pocket or tool pouch.


If you need to purchase more than nine units, or you live in Texas and are tax exempt, please call Rich Matas – SteriLED Sales at (714) 743-1435 from 7am to 7pm PST to place your order.

Free shipping on all orders! Units will be shipped via FedEx Ground, and should take between 4-7 days to arrive depending on your location.

We will accept returns within the first 30 days after purchase for a 25% restocking fee.

Payments processed via PayPal.

8.25% sales tax will be added for purchases made in Texas.

For warranty information, CLICK HERE.

For our Return & Refund Policy, CLICK HERE.

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